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The Tools of the Trade

April 4, 2007

Still no shot of us running, but I snapped this quick pic of my shoes this morning after running another 9 miles.

Jordans New Balance runners

Also, we’re getting serious, as this morning while running we were discussing having our own TEAM BEHAN shirts printed up for the big event. With a “Sponsored by Tell Ten Friends Marketing” graphic, of course.


18 Miles

April 1, 2007

We were absolutely flying yesterday. We ran 18 miles/29.8km at Burnaby Lake, our longest run so far to date. To do so, we had to run 2 and 3/4 times around the lake, and we finished in 2 hours 43 min. We needed a little extra boost, doing such a long distance, so we decided to use Powerbar Gels after our first and second hour of running. I have to tell you, these things work like a charm! They look and taste like disgusting sugary goop, or like cake icing is how Jordan described it. But after we had the first gel, and we were over half way around the second lap, we were cruising along so fast that Jord suggested we slow down so that we had enough gas left in us later, to finish the distance. It was pretty unbelievable. They take a little while to release in your system, but that little bit of sugar and carbohydrates really gives you that extra boost you need. I would suggest to anyone doing any kind of endurance training to test these babies out. I am hoping to God that these little gels will be what I need to help me finish those dreaded 26 miles on May 6. Here’s to hoping!

Oh yes, and I must mention that I do not feel any pain today! It’s crazy! Normally I feel like I can’t even walk right after we run the long distances, and the next day is PAIN city in the feet and legs area. Today – nothing! It’s awesome!