About Team Behan

We’re training for our first ever marathon, and there’s just 42 days left until the big run (as we write this). Time to meet the team:

(r to l, Janis and Jordan Behan)

Janis Behan, 25

Janis’ athletic career got off to a scorching start in just third grade, when she was awarded “Most Deserving Track Athlete” of her entire school. By High School, she was provincial champion in both school and club volleyball, and a runner-up at Nationals. She has trained on two continents, in close to 10 different countries, and is engineered for long distance running.

Jordan Behan, 30

Jordan has been a long distance runner since the very beginning, it’s just that the distances never really got all that long. For a brief shining moment after high school, he was fit enough to finish 1st place in the local Terry Fox run, and managed to also eke out a win in the first ever Savary Island Triathlon. It was his bright idea to train for their first ever marathon, and he’s writing this in the third person.


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