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Feelin’ Good!

March 28, 2007

Ran 9 miles/15km today at Central Park, and it felt great! The sun is shining, and there were no cramps, no aching knees or feet, nothing! And we really pushed ourselves. We ran it in 1 h 14 m. I feel awesome! That’s all I have to say today. 🙂



Happy to Have the Support

March 26, 2007

It was great of Janis to write the first post on here, just like it has been terrific having her as a running partner during this most challenging quest.

She’s learned a lot about blogging and social media by having to listen to me blather on while we train, but look at what a little smarty-pants she’s become! She’s even built her own blog, and she wrote her first marathon related post there yesterday.

Janis, I know I say it a lot, but having your support for all of this training is what is keeping me in it. I can’t wait to cross that line like champions.

Thank you!


Over half way there…

March 25, 2007

Well if Jord isn’t going to write the first post, then I guess I will.

Saturday, the 24th, was a big day. We ran 13 miles at Burnaby Lake, the equivalent of a half marathon, and we are now both officially signed up to run the Vancouver Marathon. This is also the day we chose to start writing this blog. Better late than never, right? We are over half way through our training schedule now, week 13 of 18, and it’s sometimes hard to believe. May 6th is creeping closer and closer each mile we run.

This blog should have been started the 2nd of January, when Jordan and I ran our first 3 mile run. It was the first of many at Central Park in Burnaby, and it was the worst day of weather we have had in all of our training! The rain was flying at us sideways, there were gale force winds, I swear…. We were wearing our ski jackets, and our clothes and shoes were still drenched! But we persevered. It would have been very easy that first day of training to say, “Nah, we’ll wait ’til tomorrow.” And if we weren’t counting on one another, we might not have gone. Of course, I’m glad we did, because it makes a great story for our first run. We’ve had a lot of other weather conditions to deal with too, like snow and ice on the sidewalks. There were a few days earlier on, in January and February, where we ran indoors on the treadmill, just to be safe.

There have now been so many runs, I can’t even keep track anymore. We’ve been running to a training schedule by Hal Higdon, and doing the best we can to keep up with it. We’ve done pretty well so far, I’d say. And if you keep reading, you’ll get to hear the amazing story when we post about our victorious feat on May 6th. Please come back and visit, leave a comment below, and help cheer us on!